home practice launch

While having a yoga studio you can call home is important, having an at-home yoga practice is truly next step for a seamless and integrated approach to yoga as a way of peaceful living. A well-planned, personalized home yoga practice can be foundational in taking charge and prioritizing your wellness in everyday life, and will multiply the benefits of your yoga studio class experience. My aim is to guide you in that process. These two 90-minute in-your-home sessions are designed to help take you from a “studio-only” yoga student to a daily practitioner of asana, meditation and mindfulness.

Our first session is all about discovery: We will discuss your emotional, physical and spiritual goals, as well as blocks and limitations. We’ll talk about your space and how to transform the energy to support you in your practice. We’ll talk props and supplies, what you have and what you might need. We’ll practice various yoga poses, and conclude with a Reiki session to identify any energy blocks. Afterwards, I’ll get to work planning your home practice including an energizing flow, relaxing restorative sequence, breath work practice and mediation.

In our second session, we will tie it all together. We’ll go through your personalized yoga sequences and do a second Reiki session. You’ll also receive a written guide for reference, a personalized essential oil blend and custom crystal grid to help define your intention and space.

-$350 (plus travel if outside of Dane County)


In addition to her weekly studio schedule, Joan offers all levels Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Restorative in a group or individual setting.


Whether you're just starting a meditation practice and would like initial instruction, or want to add a guided group meditation for a work retreat, Joan will work with you to  create the experience you're looking for. 


Weekend and day-long retreats coming in November 2019!


Reiki III certified, Joan can conduct individual or small group sessions.